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Alzheimer's - Is There Hope?

healthy brain - advanced alzheimer's brain

Two years ago, I was sitting in a waiting room with my client, who had advanced Ovarian Cancer. While we waited, we struck up a conversation with another lady who was also waiting to be seen.

The subject of Alzheimer's Disease came up when she mentioned a "miracle" that had occurred in her husband's case.

He had failed to remember even the names of his own children, she told us, and had spent most of his day simply sitting in a chair watching TV. Someone suggested to her that the problem was the connection between the speech and sight centers of the brain.

She began working with her husband, having him to read the Bible - OUT LOUD - and within a week, his cognitive abilities slowly began to come back! He became active and could remember the names of his children. Not only that, but he began building a gazebo in their back yard!

This is not a cure as far as I can tell, but can bring a stop to the progression, and even help bring back some of the person's ability to remember important things and to function in a normal, or near normal way in daily life.

I hope that this is of some help to those facing either the disease themselves, or their caregivers.

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