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How We Unknowingly Poison Our Children

Are we putting our kids at risk on a Daily Basis? The CDC (Center for Disease Control) released some alarming numbers that reveal Poison Control Centers received (2010 figures): 6,575 calls per day as a result of accidental poisonings (57% are young children), 2,277 of these per day required emergency treatment, and 86 people (mostly children under the age of six) die per day as a result. The reason this is happening? It is simply because 97% of mothers with children actually believe that the products used in their homes (this includes cleaners, laundry products, personal care products, and cosmetics) that they buy in their local stores are tested and regulated by the government and are, therefore, safe to use around their children. The sad truth is, they are not... The Federal Code of Regulations, Section 1910. 1200 C, Title 29; states: "Any manufacturer can develop and market a product containing any toxic chemical if the product is intended for use in the home." Simple Translation: [ If the product is for home use, you can create, and put on the market anything containing a toxic chemical without us regulating it in any way. ] Section 1500. T2a of the same Federal Code of Regulations states: "Manufacturers, who complete Form 3C, are exempt from the requirement of producing an accurate list of product ingredients." In Plain English: [ Fill out this form and you can add chemicals to your products that we don't require you to list at all. ] Because of these rules, and the trust of the citizens of the United States, the accidental poisonings numbers have continued to climb. Simply put - we place trust that manufacturers are following strict guidelines that simply do not exist! We are trusting manufacturers to be regulated and they are not. They use every loophole they can find, for one purpose only: To protect their profits. This has GOT TO STOP!

This mother was having problems of her own, when her children started showing symptoms. Watch to learn what was causing it!

These problems were caused by trusted, name brand products! We are slowly being poisoned without our knowledge... This does not even begin to address the issue of the impact on our environment of these toxic products that the public so trustingly accept as safe. There are alternatives to the well funded, well advertised, yet unsafe products that are on the shelves of your local stores. Are you willing to take a stand, for the health of your children, and the safety of your indoor environment, and the environment of the world we live in? If so, please leave a comment below, or email me at with the subject: "Save Our Kids" and you will receive information on how to do your part to keep your family safe, while doing good for the environment.

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