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Why Mosquitoes Love Some of Us More Than Others...

We all suspected for a long time that mosquitoes were particular about who had the "best" blood. How many times have you seen family members being nearly eaten alive while others sit literally without a single mosquitoe bite at the end of the day? Well, wonder no more! Our hunch was right - and this video explains why the little 'buggers' are picky eaters.

There you have it! Now you understand that we were right all along. Not all people are equally attractive to those pesky, painful little critters.

Remember to use preventive measures to keep them away. The best trick is to empty all recepticles of water outdoors after a rain so they can not lay their eggs in the standing water. Use a natural repellant and wear long sleeves after sunset when mosquitoes are out looking for a bite to eat! Stay healthy and bite free all summer long.

#Mosquitoes #MosquitoeBites #GeneticsAndMosquitoes

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