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Nature's Medicines


For thousands of years, people looked to nature to treat health problems. It has only been within the last century that medical treatment was created in laboratories. In ages past, people used rare oils, and herbs and other natural substances to help them keep in good health.


The biggest obstacle to the health and wellbeing of humans has been the arrogance of mankind. As science advanced, and a few chemicals became commonly used, humans have thought themselves clever for creating these substances. Our natural curiosity led to "research" in all fields of study. Laboratories created chemicals, medicines and other substances that came into common use over the years.


The sad truth is this: The further we thought we had advanced, the more toxins we heaped upon our bodies and our environment that were not good for us. The means of travel required gasoline, coal, and/or jet fuel. We strung high voltage electrical wires across the country and around the world, and industry spewed out huge amounts of carbon-based materials into the air and polluted our rivers and streams with chemical waste products.


Now, after the damage has become noticable and no one can deny it's existance, the situation has become close to a tipping point for humanity and our planet. 


We need to turn back to those things that sustained human beings for thousands of years. There are treatments for illnesses that are being touted as amazing! What are these treatments that are gaining favor today? Those long ignored and snubbed oils, herbs, and natural treatments that quietly sat right under our noses, waiting for us to realize that our foolish notion that - only a chemical created in a laboratory and then prescribed by a physician could help us get better when we are sick, - was totally wrong.


I am personally a strong advcate of all natural, essential oils, as well as silver solutions that are nano-particle sized so that they can enter into the cell nucleus where viruses hide. These medicines created by mother nature have proven to be as effictive, if not more so, than most prescription medications. This is becoming increasingly true, since the over-prescribing of antibiotic medications has caused the creation of "Super Bugs" like MRSA, that are resistant to chemical antibiotics. 

For information on these natural, century's old remedies, as well as new treatments via the advent of the ability to create Nano sized particles, please use the navigation links below. Each is an education, as well as an option to purchase these natural products that have caused many scientists and doctors worldwide to take notice. When in doubt - Nature Always Wins!

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