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Natural Antioxident Healing Foods

As we all know, there are some foods that are better for us than others. Some even have health protecting, or even healing properties. These are often referred to as "Super Foods" since they help us stay healthy.


There are many books on the subject of healthy lifestyle changes, for example, Dr. Joel FuhrmanDr. Neal Barnard, and William Davis MD, have written on such subjects as reversing diabetes, and eating healthy without a diet to get slimmer and healthier. To see what books are available on these subjects, simply click the name of the author above. I own most of these books myself and have found it a simpler guideline on what foods will keep us healthy. Many of the so-called "authorities" on healthy eating that is touted as the healthy way to eat for better health are dead wrong and the main reason so many inflammation based health issues are out there today.

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