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Keep Moving For Better Health!

How To Stay Active & Motivated

As we all know, exercise keeps the body toned and boosts the immune system. Research has shown that keeping active can also prolong our lives and keep us all healthier for far longer than not remaining active, no matter what our age.


A sedentary lifestyle is directly responsible for obesity, wasting of muscle tissue, and a lower level of immunity to even the mildest of illnesses.


We all need to keep moving, but how can we be sure we are doing all we can without over-taxing our bodies? Usually a good gym membership goes a long way to helping one stay in good shape. For some, however, membership fees are a burden. What can one do that is free or a low cost option? Let's have a look at a few options:


  • Cardiac exercises can be as simple as swimming, or climbing stairs

  • The purchase of hand weights and resistance equipment is also an option.

  • Stretching, Yoga, Meditation, and Community Groups for Seniors also are options


There are many other options that can help keep you active. Sometimes the purchase of a good exercise video can help you stay motivated in the privacy of your own home for a reasonable price.

Here is one option I use myself to keep active and fit. I didn't have time for hours at the gym, so this simple, Free, family plan has given me a great deal of exactly what I need.

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