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Healthier Pets

Our pets are an important part of our family. We love them, and in return, they are loyal, and loving "fur babies" that warm our hearts. That is why taking proper care of them is so very important. The best diet to feed them is one that is most like what their bodies can use most efficiently. Unfortunately, most pet foods contain large percentages of grains, which are not a normal, natural part of a dog or cat's diet. Since it is a cheap filler, however, a lot of feed companies add it to bulk up the end product. There is also a practice of using parts of cows, chickens, lambs and sea foods that are entrails, and other parts that are not intended for human consumption. These are dried and ground into an "animal byproduct meal" which is added to give the desired amount of protein. These are poor sources of protein and are not the best sources of nutrition for your furry friends. For that  reason, we recommend foods that are based on meat and only small amounts of the most easily digested grain for animals, which is rice.  One company that uses only quality meats and minimal grains is Blue Buffalo. Click the link below to be taken to even more products of this type. 

When you love them like family, you feed them like family!

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