Healthy Family Recipes

Everyone has recipes that have been handed down for generations. Some are not as healthy as we need these days. Too many things include too much sugar, white flour, and other ingredients that are considered less than optimally healthy. Though most of us will never give up those treasured family favorites for special occasions, we must keep in mind that there are healthier alternatives today for everyday use.  


I will slowly be adding healthy recipes that I find on a page, which I will add a link to here when it is ready.  This site is a work in progress, so please be patient on recipe additions. If you wish to contribute a recipe, you may send them to my email address listed on the home page, being certain to use the subject heading of your email as: "Recipe for Healthy Planet Network" and I will add it if I can. 


Meanwhile, take a look at the books listed below offering healthy recipes. Please keep in mind that to be certain that you are using the best ingredients, please always use Organic products in all recipes. There are many reasons why. Watch the videos on this site concerning GMOs to learn more...

             Vegetarian Cookbooks      Gluten Free Cookbooks      Diabetic Cookbooks   

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