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Garden For Health

Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own fresh vegetables. Gardens allow you to choose what varieties of vegetables, and fruits your family consumes. Why is this important? There are many concerns lately that have been raised on the subjects of G.M.O.s (Geneticaly Modified Organisms) and the increasing amounts of a chemical called Glyphosate, which is used as a weedkiller (see the article in ChemistryWorld) and manufactured by Monsanto, the developer of G.M.O.s.


To learn more about G.M.O.s, please visit our pages under the Resources Tab. The more you learn of the environmental and health impact of G.M.O.s and the use of Glyphosate on these crops in ever increasing amounts, you will realize the value of raising your own food. At least you know what you are serving your family is safe.


We advocate the use of Heirloom and non-GMO seeds for home gardens. 

I will be adding a link to gardening "must have" tools and resources in the near future. Your health and that of our environment is important to us as well as to you and your family. We only recommend from the very best sources.

We soon will be able to offer several sources for seeds, as well as tools, and other items you will need to start and/or maintain your garden. Love your garden, and it will serve you great fruits and vegetables for your healthy family.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 120615.png

Here at Healthy Planet Network, we are devoted to the use of all organic seeds, fertilizers and pest control methods. For that reason, you will only find either Organic seeds, and or plants that we promote on a regular basis. Since Burpee has many Organic, and Heirloom seeds, we are proud to promote their products.

Excellent tomato for sauces!

From the Pennsylvania Amish, comes a large, meaty, bright red heirloom tomato with superior taste, and a nice flavor balance of sweet and acid. Excellent fresh or in sauces.

The best part about this, and many other heirloom seeds from Burpee, is that these are 100% Certified Organic Seed.

While you are at the site, feel free to look around as they have great buys on literally everything for your gardening needs!

Limited Space, But Want To Grow Your Own Food?

There is an easy Solution!

Want to garden but have limited space?

Grow your own organic veggies in one square foot of space! Mr. Stacky is one of the cleverest planters you will find. One set of 5 stacking units holds 20 plants! I Love Mine! I have 2 on my patio with Tomatoes, and Beans! Wonderful harvests.

Get Your Mr. Stacky Now!

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