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Genetics and GMO's Impact On Your Health...


Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn. Monsanto's strong arm tactics, the FDA's fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are also laid bare. This sometimes shocking film may change your diet, help you protect your family, and accelerate the consumer tipping point against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Don't miss this film!


This full length video is almost an hour in length, so go grab a fruit or veggie snack and sit back and watch. I know you will be angry by the time it is over, because it shows that greed and corruption within our government and 'the system' of regulatory agencies that are supposed to be watchdogs for our health and well-being are more interested in making money than keeping our families safe. Watch this short preview, then prepare to watch the longer version. If you can't take the  time right now, at least make it a point to at some time in the near future. Your family's health depends on it!

UPDATE - 2017

Since this film's release, the sad news is that we are STILL in the dark as to which foods contain GMO ingredients, and which do not. Big Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies have blocked legislation to force labeling of GMO ingredients. Even those companies that claim to be GMO free, unless certified organic, may be adding cheaper GMO ingredients, mainly due to the fact that there is NO regulation at all concerning GMO produce or ingredients.

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