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Toxins In Trusted Products

These Videos Will Show How We Have Been Deceived

As you watch these videos, keep in mind that many of the Big Chemical Companies that are responsible for many harmful GMOs and Chemicals for killing weeds and insects are only the "head of the snake" when it comes to harmful chemicals that harm our environment, and our family. What many do not realize is the fact that many of the Big Pharmaceutical companies are nothing more than subsidiaries of the Big Chemical companies. Keep this in mind as you watch... 

The Dirty Truth About Toxic Cleaning Products

People fail to realize that many of the items they use to clean their homes can cause serious illnesses due to toxic chemical ingredients. Most people trust their government "Watchdog" group to carefully check each product before allowing them to be sold to the public. NOTHING could be further from the truth! The following videos will show you what is happening and what you need to know.


Some of these videos are from Canada, but do not assume they do not apply in the United States! That would be a huge mistake. Canada's government agencies are even MORE strict on toxic chemicals than in the USA.

Toxic Products at Home - Fox News - Dr Matthew McAlees

The Toxic Truth About Personal Care

Toxic Chemicals In Personal Products

Toxins In Personal Care - Toxics In - Toxics Out

There are, unfortunately, many more videos on this subject that will be added...

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