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Natural Healing

A Healthier You!


This is one of our main goals. People all over the world are not as healthy as previous generations, and many scratch their heads and wonder aloud just what could have gone wrong to make this happen. The answer is simple really. 


Since the beginning of time, man has sought to make life easier for himself. As we gained knowledge and created more and more ways to make our daily work less tedious, we had an unexpected consequence. With less work came less excercise, and with less excercise came a more sedentary existance. 


Our ancestors had to walk miles to locate and gather and/or hunt for food. Shelters were not built with labor saving machines or tools, but everything was fashioned by hand. In short, we had stronger, more supple bodies from the labors of everyday living.


Today, the most exercise we get is from an hour at the gym. Children sit in front of the television and play video games or watch movies and programs. They no longer get the exercise that children got from going outside to play. With a more sedentary lifestyle, we are all becoming overweight, out of shape, physically weaker and more vulnerable to illnesses. This is most worrisome because our children are becoming more vulnerable to illnesses and obesity. 


This has got to change, or our children will develop debilitating illnesses earlier than any generations up to the present.

Our sincerest wish is for everyone to have better health.


Too many things affect changes in our bodies these days. Genetically modified organisms that ruin our food sources, chemicals put into the ground that our food is grown in, chemicals in the air we breath that is becoming more toxic and harmful to all living things every day, and modern medicines that go without proper third party testing and end up being pulled from the market after numerous deaths are attributed to them, all have made us more vulnerable to disease and death. 


It is up to each and every one of us to take charge of our health. We need to make major changes to improve.


  1. Exercise more

  2. Eat healthier, non-GMO foods

  3. Find safe, natural alternatives to the chemical laden medications used to treat illnesses that are safe to treat without pills or potions

  4. Spend time in the outdoors with your family

  5. Learn to create your own home cleaners, shampoos, lotions, and beauty products using natural essential oils and herbs.

  6. Find time to meditate, or simply relax your mind away from noise and stressful activities


These things will not reverse all the harm done over night. But, this is one way to improve your health and that of your family one step at a time.


Take time out of your day to relax, spend time with your family, and enjoy nature. 

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