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We all live on this planet together. Everything is interconnected here on Earth. Our personal health depends a great deal on our environment, and our environment depends heavily upon each one of us.


We have proven that, so far, we have been poor stewards of this planet. Not only have we spewed toxins into our atmosphere, and degraded the quality of the land we use to produce our food by adding toxic chemicals to it, but we have also noticed a decline in human health - especially within the last 50 years.


It is our responsibility to make an effort to help affect change that will improve both the planet and our health. Not only for our own personal lives, but for those who will come after us for generations.


Our Mission is to educate, and offer resources to all who care for the environment, as well as their own health, and the health of those they love.

Our Actions Affect Everything! 

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Human Health

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